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James Durkin

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James Durkin is a Licensed Real Estate Associate who owns his own real estate investment company – Property Source Investments (PSI), where he works with his clients to meet their real estate needs from acquisition to funding to closing. 

James first got started in real estate through the only real estate process that most people go through — buying a house. A non-licensed individual himself at the time, James Durkin became fascinated with the process as he worked with accountants, mortgage brokers, and realtors to make the purchase. While he loved the home he purchased, James couldn’t help but feel that the overall experience was lacking in professionalism and transparency. 

Springboarding off of the knowledge he gained while purchasing a house, James decided to bring his ideas on improving the process to life by creating a new real estate experience for others. He founded Property Source Investments in January of 2012 where he works with contractors and other industry professionals to provide the best service to his clients. 

Through Property Source Investments, James Durkin works in every aspect of the real estate process from dealing with investors to seeking out new real estate opportunities for investment to the construction, acquisition, remarketing, and selling of each property. He also works with his clients to organize their investment funds into diversified real estate portfolios for ease of convenience.

Working in real estate can be exciting and invigorating for the same reason that it can be challenging and difficult; as an industry, real estate is continually changing and moving organically, either upward trending or downward trending, depending on the market and the day. It requires you to constantly strategize and adapt your approach as you work in the industry. 

Other Ventures


Outside of his career in real estate, James Durkin is the CEO at Durkar Enterprises, LLC, which he founded in 2013. Through his sheer integrity, motivation, and loyalty, James works tirelessly to not only elevate himself but those around me as they strive towards accomplishment. He focuses on dual visions of expanding his footprint and outreach and being incredibly passionate about serving those he helps. Primarily through Durkar, James works to hone his entrepreneurial talents as he creates, grows, develops, and sells businesses, particularly practices within the healthcare community. James is a Non-Physician Corporate Owner of Medical Facilities who enjoys working with individuals to see mutually successful transactions occur. 

Learn more about James Durkin and his career in real estate by taking a look at his blog page, and check back often for the latest updates!

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