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Home renovations are sometimes a necessity. Other times, they are a choice.


You can use home renovation projects to:

  • Improve your quality of residential life
  • Make your home closer to your ideal environment
  • Address glaring issues with a home
  • Improve potential resale value
  • Modernize your home or better align it with your stage of life


In a sense, even some things that seem like small projects, such as painting one room, are home renovations. Still, not all home reno projects are good ideas. You can make many mistakes with any project, and some projects are mistakes all on their own.


One massive home renovation you should avoid is creating a kitchen that’s too trendy. Kitchen trends can shift faster than a home might sell. Also, if you aren’t selling anytime soon, then an off-trend kitchen new owners would feel compelled to redo on their own could drag your home’s market value down.


Kitchen islands are very popular features to add, but don’t squeeze them in if there’s no room. When measuring out the space, open up all cabinet doors around the potential island. There should still be 36 inches of clearance between a possible kitchen island and any cabinet doors.


Another common home renovation mistake is neglecting the character or style of a home. A home renovation doesn’t have to match that style exactly, but it should be a close fit; otherwise, it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb. The clash could detract from its beauty, enjoyment, and value.


For that matter, doing any home renovation without the proper permit can backfire very badly. Not every project needs a permit, but the rules vary significantly from one jurisdiction to the next. You’ll have to check out what’s required of you at the local level, which might include your town or city plus your county. There might even be state requirements that apply, and in some communities, HOA bylaws will also apply.


In any home renovation project, never underdo your budget. Also, don’t hire contractors on a whim. Shop around to find the best fit for your comfort, and always verify their background and identity.

James Durkin