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Why does curb appeal matter so much? You may believe it’s to catch the eye of potential homebuyers as they drive past. With the internet becoming such a prevalent force, where you can share photos inside your home, this may make curb appeal seem less important.

It’s actually more than just catching the eye of the passerby. Curb appeal sets the first impression. When your potential buyer first sees the property, your home’s curb appeal sets their first ideas of how interested they are in buying the house and what they feel the property is worth.

Yes, they are already adjusting their feelings about the home and the amount they would be willing to put down for an offer.

With excellent curb appeal, you draw more attention to your property and improve the perceived value.Small adjustments can make a large difference in increasing the curb appeal of your home.


Repaint Your Front Door

Your entrance should draw the eye and be inviting. Could your front door use a fresh coat of paint? More than just making it look fresh, should you change the color to really make it pop? Make sure it complements the surrounding colors. Look at the paint of your home and things like plants and even your neighbor’s houses to get an idea of what color would fit best.


Power Wash Your Sidewalks and Garage Door

A grimy garage door can make your whole home seem rundown. While your garage door may need to be replaced or painted, it may just need to be power washed. Your sidewalks can also benefit from this. If you don’t have a power washer, you can frequently rent these from a home supply store easily.


Add House Numbers

Do your home numbers pop? Since we’re working to improve your home’s first impression, this is one of the first things buyers will look for to confirm they’re at the correct address. Adding a few numbers that stand out to your home where they can be clearly seen is an easy project that adds curb appeal.


Add A Walkway

If you don’t already have a clear path to the front door, add one. If you do, look at how you can enhance this. Use things like paving stones for a crisp path. You can line the walkway with plants, rocks, or lighting to give it an extra pop.