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A new year calls for new beginnings. Last year the real estate industry was greatly affected by the pandemic as the housing market went down. One of the plus sides was homeowners and real estate workers being able to experiment with home designs. More people working from home and kids being in virtual classrooms calls for more privacy in your home. Take a look at some of the real estate design trends to look out for in 2021.


Indoor Gardens

With some places still having quarantine restrictions, it can be challenging to find time to explore nature. Try bringing nature to you by getting more houseplants for your home. As you slowly begin to build an indoor garden, you’ll realize that plants inside are just as important as having them outside. You can get your daily dose of nature while brightening up a room at the same time.


Separated Floor Plans

With more zoom calls and at-home workouts, it can very hard to find a safe space for everything. Expect people with open floor plans to divide as much as possible to separate areas for their needs. Everyone wants their own space as eating, working, and sleeping in the same room. 


Wooden Kitchen Elements

Also going with the nature aesthetic is wooden countertops and cabinets in kitchens. Rather than buying cabinets and having to paint them, you can give your kitchen a fresh look by keeping them the way they are. Wooden islands are also the perfect touch to any kitchen that is missing a butcher’s block area. If you don’t like the color of wood, you can simply stain it.


Retro Designs

Many people think about the past and better times and expect to see retro designs and colors throughout their homes. Accent furniture pieces from the ’80s and ’90s are great ways to brighten up a room. Painting old wooden furniture and changing the knobs can also make a bold statement while staying on-trend.


Smarter Elements

Touchless appliances have become very popular as technology continues to grow. This year expect many homes to have motion censored lighting in the main rooms and even smart temperature control. Bathrooms have been a big focus in intelligent technology with temperature-controlled floors.