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Many parts of Florida are known for their excellent conditions that are ideal for residents. The best places to live in Florida are located near popular attractions and are also known for their superb housing rates and infrastructure. Here are a few of the top areas to call home in Florida.

Daytona Beach: Famous for its annual NASCAR race, Daytona Beach is also an excellent place for anyone who’s looking to settle in a family-friendly community by the sea. The city is particularly popular among retirees who’ve chosen to make their homes here to live out the rest of their golden years. Daytona Beach is surprisingly affordable and has a cost of living index that’s much lower than in other Florida seaside communities.

Naples: With its low crime rate and relaxed pace of life, Naples is perfect for anyone who wants to live in an area that’s free of commotion while feeling safe in their surroundings. The local population tends to see an increase when the “snowbirds” come to town during the winter, but Naples still never feels too crowded. Even when many of the seasonal residents and tourists have left town, Naples still boasts plenty of restaurants and local events that provide entertainment. Children living here can also attend some of the best schools in Florida.

Miami Beach: This city has a reputation for being a party town, but families with children can still find plenty of family-friendly places to live in the city. Miami Beach is made up of roughly 20 distinct neighborhoods that attract people from different walks of life. Anyone who wants to be near the nightlife won’t have to travel too far. Some of the beachside bars and nightclubs are also known to attract the rich and famous.

Rose Isle: Situated between downtown Orlando and Winter Park, Rose Isle is known for its sparse urban feel while still being close enough to attractions like Disney World and Universal Orlando. The local housing and schools are also known to be better than average. Despite its lighter population, Rose Isle boasts a variety of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. The city’s parks offer plenty of great ways to enjoy some time in the Florida sun.

Anyone who wishes to move to Florida can choose from many great communities. The state’s best places to live offer plenty of things that are suitable for people across many demographics.