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People have different reasons for moving to another city, town, or state. However, there are some common factors that everyone considers during the search for a new place to call home. Affordability of housing, overall environment safety, area development, culture, leisure activities, and job opportunities are important when planning a move. Whether thinking about moving across the United States, moving to another region of the country, or moving within the same state, reading about different cities in the US can give people ideas for their next home base.

Several places in the US offer many advantages including affordability. Some may even surprise people because they are not big and famous. Here are some of the best places to live in the US.



The top places in the West are Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado, Provo, Utah, and Boise, Idaho. These cities have a well-educated and expanding population. Their economy is thriving and therefore there are plenty of job opportunities and development projects for public transportation and amenities. Portland has a walkable downtown area with shops, restaurants, parks, and events. Denver and Boise offer easy access to diverse activities for those interested in arts, music, cuisine, and outdoor recreation. Provo has a downtown and proximity to a major city.



The top places in the Midwest are Minneapolis, Minnesota, Madison, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Ohio, and St. Louis, and Kansas City, Missouri. These cities are going through economic growth, revitalization, and redevelopment. Minneapolis and Cincinnati scored high on safety and have diverse recreational and entertainment options. Madison and St. Louis have a walkable downtown and parks nearby.



The top places in the South are Austin and Dallas, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, Nashville, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, Arlington, Virginia, and Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina. Most of the cities on this list have an exciting cultural scene in addition to job growth. Austin hosts major music festivals and has interesting attractions. Dallas is developing urban layouts rivaling bigger city conveniences. New Orleans and Nashville offer live music, food, and entertainment. Louisville has several local events and restaurants. Arlington’s location provides the benefits of big-city infrastructure. Raleigh and Charlotte have the most educated and young population, although their culture is still evolving.